The Hematologist

A collection of issues of The Hematologist dating back to 2004. Contact Juana Llorens, Managing Editor, at to request a copy of an earlier issue.

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  • September-October 2019, Volume 16, Issue 5

    In this issue, Drs. Donald and Leissinger discuss their approach to acquired TTP with multiple relapses; Drs. Shomali, Fernandez-Pol, and Gotlib invite readers to test their knowledge on an interesting case of spur cell anemia; Drs. Calvi and Liesveld review the current understanding of the bone marrow microenvironment's role in MDS; Drs. Naik and Lee discuss a recently hematology workforce study; and more.

  • July-August 2019, Volume 16, Issue 4

    In this issue, Dr. Daniel Lenihan explores the impact of ibrutinib on cardiologic rhythm disturbances; Drs. Amer Zeidan and Prajwal Boddu review the latest literature on the connection between autoimmune disorders and myeloid disease; Dr. Kristen O'Dwyer discusses medical ethics through the lens of the documentary "Three Identical Strangers"; and Drs. Maryam Asif, Kyle Parker, and Fatima Aldarweesh present a case of a patient with thrombocytopenia status post-partial gastrectomy.

  • May-June 2019, Volume 16, Issue 3

    In this issue, Dr. Gary Lyman examines the safety and efficacy of biosimilars approved by the U.S. FDA; Drs. Siok-keen Tey and Geoffrey Hill review the current state of therapeutics to treat chronic GVHD; Dr. Martin Tallman remembers the legacy of friend, colleague, and Blood Associate Editor, Dr. Francesco Lo Coco; and much more.

  • March-April 2019, Volume 16, Issue 2

    In this issue, Drs. Tania Jain and Jeanne Palmer discuss the lack of data around stem cell transplantation for myelofibrosis; Dr. Marc Kahn presents a how-to guide for recruiting residents to become hematologists; and Drs. Marcelo Pasquini and Miguel-Angel Perales offer a look inside the CIBMTR cellular immunotherapies database.

  • January-February 2019, Volume 16, Issue 1

    In this issue, Drs. Rafael Bejares and Mikkael Sekeres discuss CHIP in aging patients, with next steps for real-world treatment strategies; Dr. Evan Sadler (1951-2018) is memorialized by Drs. Kenneth Kaushansky and David Ginsburg; and Contributing Editors report on the breakthroughs that made 2018 a big year in the field.

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