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ASH Ambassador Program

The ASH Ambassador program supports recruitment and retention of trainees to hematology and to the Society through effective grassroots promotion of ASH’s career development and training programs. The program will establish a formal volunteer role for a faculty-based ASH member. This individual will serve as a representative of ASH at medical institutions and will function as a bridge between the Society, mentors, and trainees.

The program’s initial focus will be to encourage underrepresented minority trainees to apply for ASH’s mentored programs, but it will eventually expand to include all trainees.

View a list of all inaugural participants in the ASH Ambassador program.

About the Program

  • Award Length: The ASH Ambassador term is for three years.
  • Financial Support: ASH Ambassadors will receive an annual stipend of $2,000 and an additional $1,000 for local programming.
  • ASH Membership: The applicant must be an ASH Active member in good standing (i.e., paid for the current membership year) at the time of application, and membership must be maintained throughout the award term.
  • Institutional Expectations: The applicant’s supervisor or home institution must provide a description of their commitment to the applicant and the resources available. The institution is not required to contribute funds.
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Program Objectives

  • Improve hematology trainee and faculty awareness of ASH’s career development and training programs. This effort will initially focus on promoting, identifying, and recruiting underrepresented minority trainees to the ASH Minority Recruitment Initiative.
  • Support trainees interested in pursuing a clinical or research experience in hematology by sharing information about and supporting applications for ASH programs.
  • Support trainees by fostering mentor relationships and networking opportunities.
  • Provide the opportunity for ASH Ambassadors to serve the Society and to develop their network of relationships with institutional, regional, and national leaders in the Society and the field.
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Ambassador Role

  • Provide guidance and support to trainees at multiple levels within the institution. This includes:
    • Connecting trainees and potential mentors
    • Connecting trainees and mentors with appropriate ASH staff to learn about program-specific deadlines, activities, and requirements.
  • Provide information to institution faculty about ASH Minority Recruitment Initiative programs as well as other career development and training programs.
  • Facilitate connections and networking between trainees and potential mentors within hematology.
  • Serve as a point of contact for ASH within the institution.
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Terms and Conditions

Initial Orientation: Selected applicants will be expected to attend a one-day orientation at ASH Headquarters in Washington, DC, before the start of their three-year term.

Workshop: Each spring, ASH Ambassadors will be expected to attend a one-day workshop at ASH Headquarters in Washington, DC. This workshop is intended to support program improvement and the dissemination of best practices.

Reporting: ASH Ambassadors will be expected to provide biannual reports on activities conducted on behalf of the program and complete annual program evaluation activities, such as surveys.

Program Termination: The following are reasons for early termination:

  • If the ASH Ambassador accepts a non-research position or a position with an ineligible institution
  • If the ASH Ambassador engages in misconduct or is dismissed from his/her institution
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For questions or requests for additional information regarding the ASH Ambassador Program, please contact the ASH Awards Department at

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